under the massive, towering crimson gateway leading into

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The pride of the haughty had been laid low, and retribution, long deferred, had come at last.

under the massive, towering crimson gateway leading into

Numerous and hearty were the congratulations which Mr. Morton--I mean Mr. Waring--received upon his new accession of property.

under the massive, towering crimson gateway leading into

"I do not care so much for that," he said, "but my father's word has been vindicated. My mind is now at peace."

under the massive, towering crimson gateway leading into

There was more than one happy heart at the farm that night. Mr. Waring had accomplished the great object of his life; and as for Frank and his mother, they felt that the black cloud which had menaced their happiness had been removed, and henceforth there seemed prosperous days in store. To cap the climax of their happiness, the afternoon mail brought a letter from Mr. Frost, in which he imparted the intelligence that he had been promoted to a second lieutenancy.

"Mother," said Frank, "you must be very dignified now, You are an officer's wife."

The restitution which Squire Haynes was compelled to make stripped him of more than half his property. His mortification and chagrin was so great that he determined to remove from Rossville. He gave no intimation where he was going, but it is understood that he is now living in the vicinity of Philadelphia, in a much more modest way than at Rossville.

To anticipate matters a little, it may be said that John was recently examined for college, but failed so signally that he will not again make the attempt. He has shown a disposition to be extravagant, which, unless curbed, will help him run through his father's diminished property at a rapid rate whenever it shall come into his possession.

The squire's handsome house in Rossville was purchased by Henry Morton--I must still be allowed to call him thus, though not his real name. He has not yet taken up his residence there, but there is reason to believe that ere long there will be a Mrs. Morton to keep him company therein.

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