solid walls of blackness, leading like a fantastically

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"Very well, I can afford it," said Mr. Morton. "But perhaps you object to the plan."

solid walls of blackness, leading like a fantastically

"How good you are to me!" said Frank, impulsively seizing his friend's hand. "What have I done to deserve so much kindness?"

solid walls of blackness, leading like a fantastically

"You have done your duty, Frank, at the sacrifice of your inclinations. I think you ought to be rewarded. God has bestowed upon me more than I need. I think he intends that I shall become his almoner. If you desire to express your gratitude, you can best do it by improving the advantages which will be opened to you."

solid walls of blackness, leading like a fantastically

Frank hastened to his mother to communicate his brilliant prospects. Her joy was scarcely less than his.

"Do not forget, Frank," she said, "who it is that has raised up this friend for you. Give Him the thanks."

There was another whose heart was gladdened when this welcome news reached him in his tent beside the Rappahannock. He felt that while he was doing his duty in the field, God was taking better care of his family than he could have done if he remained at home.

Before closing this chronicle I must satisfy the curiosity of my readers upon a few points in which they may feel interested.

The Rossville Guards are still in existence, "and Frank is still their captain. They have already done escort duty on several occasions, and once they visited Boston, and marched up State Street with a precision of step which would have done no discredit to veteran soldiers.

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